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White Naped Woodpecker -


The White-naped Woodpecker, Chrysocolaptes festivus, is a woodpecker which is a widespread but scarce breeder in India and Sri Lanka.This flameback is a species associated with open forest and scrub with some trees. It nests in a tree hole, laying one or two white eggs.Like other woodpeckers, this species has a straight pointed bill, a stiff tail to provide support against tree trunks, and zygodactyl or “yoked" feet, with two toes pointing forward, and two backward. The long tongue can dart forward to capture insects.

The White-naped Woodpecker is a large species at 29 cm in length. It is a typical woodpecker shape. The white hind neck extends down the back, and the black shoulder patches also continue onto the back to form a V-shape bordering the white. The rest of the upperparts and wings are golden yellow. The rump and tail are black, and the underparts are white with dark chevron markings. The head is whitish with a dark moustache stripe and a black eye patch that extends down the neck sides.The adult male White-naped Woodpecker has a red crown and females have a yellow crown. Young birds are colored like the female, but duller.



Story Behind -


I was lucky to spot this bird during one late afternoon drive in Ranthambhore National Park. This species is not very commonly seen as this was my 1st time with it ..

Waited for good amount of time and observed closely how these woodpeckers peck the dead Tree trunk and branches. Many a times a question arrives in minds of many that "Why do Woodpecker peck the Dead Tree trunks ?

One shall get the answer as you see the clip above and reach its end.