Sagar Gosavi.
Age : 36 Years.

A System & Network Engineer turned Natural History Photographer.
Photo Mentor - Canon India Pvt Ltd.
Founder - Over the Top Expeditions.
Natural History Photographer.

Birth -
In my life, there is an Evolution of nearly 16 years, from an 8 years old bird watcher to a true Wildlife Photographer. I spent some important days of my childhood at Uran, where i met my winged friends for the very 1st time. So Uran certainly plays a special role, which I'll term it as my birthplace as a wild-lifer.

Love at 1st Sight -
Its been 16 years i am photographing Natural history from all over Indian Jungles.
I have been visiting many Tiger reserves, National Parks & Sanctuaries from Central & North India to shoot the Wild, my favorite being “Jim Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal”.
Jim Corbett Tiger reserve is the place where i really started my wildlife photography. Jim Corbett National Park, where i started my 1st ever attempt to shoot wildlife, and got totally mesmerized by the magical beauty of Corbett .. Now i and Corbett share a special bond .. where i fall in love with its insane beauty and get lost in its jungles .. and It unfolds something new every time which I treasure for the life time.

But I meet mother nature daily at the tree right in front of my window.
I see many different kinds of feathered beauties. Every year in early winter a Pair of Eurasian Golden Oriole visit the tree in front of my window ... its been 16 years since i am watching them. :) Such a pleasure ...!!
Slowly i developed my interest in photography and then no looking back ...
Soon i realized that capturing the wild is not my hobby but it was always a Passion for me ..

A Dream -
Having started with a Canon point & shoot camera, then moving on to Canon film, digital and now Professional DSLRs, I have been capturing Indian wildlife for past 10 years now.
Besides getting published and all awards and achievements, the nost important was having dream and protecting it always.

It was my biggest honor to get an opportunity to work with World's leading Camera Maker Company, Canon.
10 years back when i purchased my 1st film SLR made by Canon EOS 300V.. i can not say that i never dream of this ... but rather i would say .. yes Its a kind of dream come true :)
Currently Working with Canon India Pvt Ltd. as a Photo Mentor.

Its a sense of achievement in itself to mentor or rather to share and transfer your knowledge to others to help them knowing their passion of Photography and taking it to the next level.

Mentor isn't someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of his/her best in order to discover what he/she already knows.

Nature -

There are so many mysterious beauties hidden in this Mother Nature.
I feel blessed to able to see & capture one of them, i.e. Mother Nature’s own child - “Wildlife”.

Let Nature be your teacher and you won't go wrong.

It is so very important to understand and Connect with nature, birds and animals in the wild when trying to capture them. One needs to understand their behavior and develop the special bond with them so that one can feel right "In the Arms Of Nature" .
That connecting and developing the bond is an art, rest is all technology.

Inspiration -
Nature was my biggest inspiration.. Inspiration to live my life as beautiful as Mother Nature.
Thanks to my Wife and my family for being my support and for all the motivation without which, Sagar Gosavi would have been just an IT Engineer :)
Work by BBC and NG Photographers are always there for inspiration. Books and Magazines like Sanctuary Asia, National Geographic really helped me to come this far.

A Messenger -
I play a role of Messenger. A message from Mother Nature to all of you.
Indian Jungles rather Indian wild habitat is so pristine & diversified that India has got the reaches wildlife than elsewhere. the only problem is the Conservation of these habitats ...
In order to save the life in the wild, these habitats needs to be protected and conserved.
And there lies the main concern..

Its a time for us to hear "The Call Of the Wild" ..

Through my photography i am trying to spread the message ...
"Save Habitats/Jungles, Save Wildlife, Save Nature and Nature will save You " !!!

Please visit my galleries and leave your valuable comments and suggestions, as they will only help me capture these wild wonders better and better.

-Sagar Gosavi

“Embrace the mother nature with a true & loving heart..
She will then unfold her mystic beauties right in front of you”.

My Site -

Photography Gears Used -

Current -
Canon 1Dx Mark ii
Canon 7D Markk ii

Past -

Canon 1D Mark iv

Canon 70D

Canon 7D
Canon 40D
Canon 350D
Canon 300v
Nikon D7000
Nikon D300

Lens -
Current -
Canon 500mm F4 L IS ii

Canon 70-200 F2.8 L IS ii

Canon 24-105mm F4 L IS
Canon 100-400mm L IS
Canon 50mm F1.8
Canon 100mm F2.8 Macro

Past -
Canon 400mm F5.6 L

Teleconverters -
Canon Extender 1.4 III

Canon Extender 2 III

Release -

Camera Straps - Caree-Speed Extreme Pro

Cards - Lexar Pro, Sandisk Extreme Pro.

Tripod - Sirui Carbon Fiber
Gim Ball Heads - Sirui PH20

Monopod - Sirui 424s

Ground Pod - Skimmer II