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Brown Fish Owl -


Bubo (ketupa) zeylonensis. Large, eared owl, rufous brown above heavily streaked with black or dark brown, paler whitish below with dark streaks and fine brown bars. White throat, yellow eyes and a rather indistinct facial disk.

Indian Subspecies - B.z.leschenault

It is a large owl with prominent "ear" tufts, typically around 55 cm in length and weighing 2–2.5 kg when fully grown. Subspecies differ in size and males are smaller than females, with the smallest birds not quite 50 cm long and weighing as little as 1,100 g.

The upperparts are reddish brown and heavily streaked with black or dark brown. The underparts are buff to whitish, with dark streaks and finer brown barring. The throat is white and can be conspicuously puffed, while the facial disk is indistinct. The irides are yellow, the feet a duller yellow, and the bill is dark. Sexes do not differ in appearance except for size.





Story Behind -

In Some untouched and lesser known part of the Ranthambhore Jungle, one late afternoon had a close encounter with this magnificent species of Owl.

It was sitting on the rock in the shadows of huge tree by the side of the water body. This part of the forest is not so popular and hence it was resting there in peace. It was looking at the parakeets sitting on the tree above.

It allowed us to get close to photograph it.