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On a day, when the mind gets too mechanical and concrete, and goes clueless on what next, I turn back to the glimpses of wildlife through your lenses, and some other talented bunch, whom you have been instrumental in getting introduced to. The result, is calming and soothing, beyond words. Your images have an energy channelizing to the person who watches them. I do not think I can express it better!
Sagar, your sheer dedication and hard work, and honest passion has always been a proud example for me, to share with people I meet, and spread a word to go back to our nature, once and again.
I am really glad that I got a chance to seem some of Mother Nature's true wonders guided by you, and would always look forward to returning to them, whenever possible.
44.The Alchemy Of Nature - By Sagar Gosavi
Thanks everyone for taking time from your busy schedules to visit my website and blog. Your comments, suggestions and encouragement will and have always helped me do better and better in the field. Really appreciate you time and visit.
43.Sanjay Kavimandan(non-registered)
I was simply spellbound !!!!!!!!, unbelievable that you could catch all the action right from stalking to the kill and..............beyond!!!!!!!
And the question is not only "why", its also "How"
how could the tiger know that the Nilgai was pregnant and that there was a fetus lying at the "scene"!!!!
and hats off to your guts, you not only went back to the scene but could also be witness to the story that unfolded.......
Animals do have emotions for sure, and a new question in my mind is.. are they superstitious as well?
Greetings from London, UK.
I came to know about it through one of my friend from India.
I am totally speechless. I have never ever seen such an impact of the still pictures.
It was as amazing as watching a BBC or NG documentary. If you could add voice based narration like we see in old NG documentaries will add more to it.
Thanks very much for sharing this with us. i shall thank my friend from India who sent me the link. Very fortunate to see it.
Add me to your FAN club. :-)

41.chandrashekhar sardesai(non-registered)
Simply fantastic. Look forward to more great stuff from you.