This region comprising the state if Sikkim and the adjoining parts of North Bengal - Darjeeling and Kalimpong, is a rugged strip of vertical mountain country. Wedged between Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and the North Bengal Plains of India. This tiny region is just 90 kms wide and 150 kms deep. The grain of the country rises from near sea level to 8500 meters, in a short distance, The great Himalayan Range with its giant spurs – singelila and Chola, virtually enclose this region in a titanic horseshoe. Starting from the plains of North Bengal tangled interlacing ridges rise rang after range to the foot of the great wall of high peaks and passes opening into Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan

The climate varies between the tropical heat of the valleys and the alpine cold of the snowy regions. With rainfall averaging 348 cms, it is the most humid region of the Himalayas. Dry season is from November to April. The altitudanal zones of vegitation range from tropical, sub tropical, temperate to Alpine – some places only 10 kms in a direct line separates the palm growing valleys from perpetual snow. The telescoping of terrain - from the pleasant humid foothill valleys below 1000 meters, to the arctic cold of the snow capped peaks up to 8000 meters, has created marked altitudinal zonation in the humidity, rainfall, climate and vegetation. This factor is responsible for the great variety and abundance of the resident bird life, making this area arguably one of the richest areas of its size anywhere in the world. 527 species of resident birds have been recorded. In addition there are vagrants, and transients on migration. It is estimated that more than 30 percent of the species of the Indian Sub continent can be spotted in this region.

A small patch of Himalayan Mountains between Nepal and Bhutan. It is also known as Sikkim Himalayas.
Varied altitude right from the plains to Himalayan peaks it is home for the varied flora and fauna.
Lava and Neora valley NP and known for the largest density of the birds makes it one of the best location for birdwatchers across the world.
Rufous-Gorgeted FlycatcherAsian Barred OwletHimalayan CutiaHimalayan Bluetail or Himalayan red-flanked bush robinStreak-breasted Scimitar BabblerCrimson Sunbird - Eclipse MaleFire-breatsed FlowerpeckerRufous-Gorgeted FlycatcherAsian Barred OwletCrimson Sunbird - Eclipse MaleLarge CuckooshrikeBrown-capped Pygmy WoodpeckerAsian Barred OwletCommon IoraCommon IoraBlue-capped RockthrushLarge CuckooshrikeMalayan Giant SquirrelHoary-bellied SquirrelGreen-billed Malkoha

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